Sunny Sauceda encourages Latin music fans to "Live Free".

Sunny Sauceda has again stepped up in 2007 and delivered the most exciting CD of the year. Mixed and mastered by famous Latin music recording engineer Tony Gonzales, the red hot "Vagar Libremente" is the newest priority from Texas based Tejas Records.

 While last year's self titled "Sunny" and its huge radio hit "Cumbia Con Acordeón" announced his exciting solo recording career to the world, Sunny has now raised the bar even further with this incredible mix of styles and creative influences that is "Vagar Libremente".

Radio stations throughout the market are raving over the new CD. Program director Jay Gonzalez says "This whole record is killer, no filler. I think this CD is worthy of the record of the year award".  Rudy G from KBSO 94.7 in Corpus Christi says "Totally awesome. The best record so far this year."

Tejas was excited to reunite Tony Gonzales and Sauceda, two friends who's collaborations were part of many chart topping hits and the platinum selling "Kik It", one of the highest selling and most popular records in this genre.

 Sunny's career started as a childhood star in San Antonio, recording his first CD as a young boy at the age of 5. During a lifetime spent with music; first with his family then with highly successful groups and now as a solo artist, Sunny's songwriting, recordings, and performances have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans across the world. As the charismatic front man for Grupo Vida, Sunny's legendary stage presence influenced a decade of up and coming performers – something he is continuing to do even stronger with new artistic freedom. As his musical career progressed Sunny received some of the highest recognitions in the industry including two GRAMMY awards, Billboard Magazine's " Relevación Del Año", Accordion Player of the Year award, and an opening spot on the record breaking Dixie Chicks “Fly” tour.

 Now the culmination of all his past accomplishments is clear in the quality of "Vagar Libremente" about which Tony Gonzales who co-produced the hit CD with Sauceda said "What a tremendous talent Sunny is. Recording this CD reminded me of the old days; I think we've hit upon that magic one more time".

 As to the CD's commercial success, wholesalers and retailers across the country are now viewing Sunny as one of the potential hotspots in this Latin music niche.
"We had a strong nationwide release on "Vagar Libremente", says Seven Z Music Distribution President Johnny Zaragoza. "Tejas Records is our biggest label partner and they believe very strongly in him. We worked the advance retail promotion on this record very aggressively. We got Sunny to Las Vegas during the production phase of the record to be introduced to music buyers for The Handleman Co. who represent K-Mart, Best Buy and Circuit City. We flew with Tejas representatives to Handleman's annual meeting in Nashville to personally put Sunny's advance promotion materials into the hands of every single regional sales rep in the United States. "Vagar Libremente" was able to hit the street with a level of retailer awareness that most records don't get. We'll see the benefit of these efforts build with every new Sunny release and that's one reason he's an artist to watch."

Sunny shows no signs of slowing down and is pushing his promotion and performance schedule tirelessly to keep building on his successes.

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*Awards or nominations earned with Grupo Vida

Band Members

Sunny Sauceda -Lead Vocals & Accordion

Leroy Esparza - Guitar, Bajo Sexto, & Vocals

Pete (Tiny) Guitierrez - Bass & Vocals

Jonathan Garza - Keyboards & Saxophone


"Vagar Libremente"

2008 GRAMMY nominated CD


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