Basic Requirements

Stage Plot


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Mechanical Rider & Stage Gear

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Basic Mechanical Rider Below

1 Kick
2 Snare
3 Hats
4 Cow Bell
5 Tom 1
6 Tom 2
7 Tom 3
8 Over Head
9 Over Head
10 Drum Pad (Roland SPDS)
11 Backing Tracks for Front House only plz mute on monitor board (direct bx)
12 " " for Monitors only,front house plz mute this channel (direct box)
13 Bass Guitar Hohner 6 string B Bass (AKG SR 40 Pro wireless)
14 Acoustic (Bajo-Sexto) Guitar
15 Acoustic - Electric Guitar
16 Electric-Guitar (miked up SM58)
17 Keyboard
18 Sax microphone ( SM58)
19 Vocal (SM 58) Stage right
20 Vocal (SM 58) Drummer
21 Vocal (SM 58) Stage right
22 Vocal (SM 58) Stage
23 Vocal (SM 58) Stage Left
24 Vocal (EV RE2 with Crown Microphone Headset wireless)
25 Accordion Wireless (Samson Airline)
Preferred Stage Gear and Back Line (equivalent or better)
Drums * Sonor or DW 5 Piece kit
*Gibraltar Hardware
*Zildjian Customs (1 Ride, 2 Crashes, 1 China Boy)
*Dino Beat Hi hats
*JBL 15'' with horn Wedge
Bass *Eden Amp
*SWR Amp
Guitar *CRATE V50 or
*Fender Super Reverb
*Guitar Miked with a SM 58
Acc *Stand-by Hardwire mikes for accordion and Vocal
* Stand-By 1/4'' cords for guitars
Back Line * 4 Mixes
* 2 Side Fills
*Wedges 15'' with horn
* Pro-Series Monitor Board
* SM 58's for vocals
*PAR 64 with double Tomcat trucing min 2 cages
*Pro-Grade Direct Boxes for all gear