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Our Company

SMP was Founded by Sunny Sauceda in 2000, he has a reputation the precedes him where ever he goes. He has been in the music business for more than 20 years. Sunny has been honored by
many prestigous organizations, some of which are the Radio Y Musica Awards,Pura Vida Awards, TMA's, Tejano Academy, NARAS, and LARAS.

In the late 90's Sunny came out of the bars and flea-markets and took the music industry by storm, the first project he took on was a collaborative effort with young gun Eddie Gonzales y Grupo Vida, El disgusto (KIK IT) on Sony Discos which went Platinum and is widely considered to be one of the most influential albums of the decade. Sunny co-wrote the song "Nunca" and co-produced the Album. Along with his band mates created a new sound that was accordion based, around Sunny's accordion antics. The Sunny Signature sound created 10 yrs ago still continues to influence generations and those to come.

In the early 2000's Sunny along with key members re-established Vida (Electric Cowboys).
Sunny assumed the Musical Director position, co-producing, arranging, and writing and co-writing the entire Vida catalog. Hit's such as: Sin Buenas Condiciones, Estupido Corazon, Mujeres, Mujeres, La Negra, Dime Como Vivire, Vueltas y Vueltas, Cuando Cuando, Tomas Tomas, just to name a few.

In March of 2005 Sunny decided to embark on a Solo Carreer.
After many years of putting all his efforts into his 
band Vida(Electric Cowboys), was presented with an oppurtunity to
sign a Multi-Record contract with the Prestigous Tejas Records.
His new album entilted "Sunny" is recieving great reviews from all over the world.
He is at the top of the charts and touring all over the country and beyond. 
With his new smash hits:Sin Sangre en las Venas, Cumbia Con Accordion, Manana, and Come On.

Sunny formed SMP to be able to provide music for all, to be a positive force in the Music Inustry. He wants to offer to others what as a young artist he had wished to recieve.
We at SMP look forward to working with you. Sunny is very excited and full of energy and
wants nothing but success for all his peers, he often says, "Your success is my success".
We thank you for visiting our website, where 
"Your Next Smash Hit is our #1 priority" . 

Our Mission

Sauza Music Publishing is committed to being a positive force in the music industry, to establish working relationships in this Multi-faceted music business, to cross network with like minded individuals and companies.
Here with SMP you will get Great songs for Artist, Radio, T.V and Film Projects. 

All Rights Reserved by Sauza Music Publishing 2006